Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Classroom Technology

Technology these days has truly changed the way students can work both in and outside the classroom. For our group project, communication was much easier with the use of Blackboard, email and the internet. Group pages in blackboard made file transferring easy and quick. We were able to choose everyone we wanted to send an email to without needing to know their e-mail address with it right under group pages. We didn’t have any virtual meetings but e-mail allowed for us all to work cooperatively and keep in touch about what everyone needed to do to complete each part. The internet has made large group projects very manageable!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

After discussing some the Just memo, I was appalled that it was actually referring to humans. I was first thinking he was referring to some kind of animal (which is just as horrible), but to see that he was talking about humans is disturbing. Using words like merchandise and pieces shows how wrong and unethical many were during the Holocaust. Ethical lapses like this show us how important it is to hold on to your ethical standards when writing, especially in the workplace. It is easy to lose sight when you know your job is on the line! When I enter the workforce, I hope to learn and grow without jeopardizing my beliefs and ethical principles. Any time I write something, I’ll be sure to step back from the situation and ask myself it falls in line with my belief system.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Miscommunication on the Job....

Most of the jobs I’ve had since I started working have been at a restaurant as a server. Miscommunication unfortunately occurs a lot with everyone being in a rush and preoccupied with their tables. It’s very frustrating because sometimes problems come up, say regarding someone else’s table but they’re busy with customers, and miscommunication occurs. One of the worst situations is when you think you and another server agreed on taking their table and the customers end up waiting, creating a big issue. This recently happened to me while working at Longhorn Steakhouse when I thought someone said they would take one of my tables and they were saying “yes” to someone else’s question. It’s tough in a restaurant environment because everyone is so focused on what they’re doing that it’s easy to have many issues with miscommunication. I was frustrated because both the customers and my manager weren’t too happy with the situation and it was all because of miscommunication. After that experience, I will be sure to double check with other servers about switching tables and make sure there is some kind of eye contact involved to avoid it happening again.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Of the last presentations, I really enjoyed Jeremy’s presentation on tattoos. I thought it was very interesting and informative for people considering getting a tattoo. I have one so I could definitely relate when he talked about things to keep in mind when deciding to get one. As for online portfolios, the only type I’ve made is the required e-portfolio to graduate. It was somewhat enforced when I first came to Clemson but advisors haven’t really talked much about them since freshman year. I thought the concept of it was great because it showcases all of our work over time and it isn’t that hard to put together. To make sure I’m ready for the portfolio draft that is due at the end of March, I need to have my resume, cover letter & follow-up letter finished along with the first part of our projects.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I definitely enjoyed all of the presentations, but the ones that stuck with me most were the ones using humor. I really liked Melesha’s presentation about the fast food drive thru process. It was so simple but had very funny implied humor tied in. The way she presented it got her point across very well – be ready to order and pay! I also enjoyed Tyler’s Super Bowl commercial presentation. I am a marketing major and love seeing the different ways companies get messages across and I think he chose some really funny ones. Now I want to look for more funny ads! I also thought Holmes’ presentation was really funny. It was so simple (why to own an aquarium) but the way he approached it gave me a good laugh. The way he used a babe magnetic scale was a good approach – it was so random that it was funny. Each of these presenters were calm & collected and seemed very confident when they spoke.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I thought the cover letter advice from Collegegrad.com was for the most part helpful. I thought it was interesting that the cover letter is often read after the resume! I just assumed that since it is essentially an opening to your resume, it was always read first. One thing that I am guilty of is mass-emailing my resume a few times. In my mind I thought it couldn’t hurt, but after reading how much of a waste of time it is and how important it is to personalize to each company, I won’t do that again! One thing I thought was unfortunate to read was that most entry level resumes are simply filed away. It was very discouraging as an undergrad to see but definitely a beneficial reality check. Another thing that I thought was helpful was its emphasis on researching and learning about the company to show your interest. I wrote my cover letter for internships about a year ago and will definitely be modifying it so it pertains more to each specific company. There were a few things I didn’t agree with on the site like the postscript technique. Depending on how conservative a company is, I think the P.S. may be too informal and may not be taken seriously, especially if it is handwritten. I think the cover letter checklist is very useful because it sums up everything your cover letter should include. It helps wean out anything that doesn’t look appealing to prospective companies. I thought this advice was very valuable and I plan on reviewing my cover letter to make it as professional as possible.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Client Visit

I thought this client visit was very interesting! Its good to know that Redfern really cares about the health of staff and students and wants to do something to improve everyone’s well being. I think its great that it incorporates the wellness of the people on campus and our campus itself. Its important that all aspects of “health” are covered and I think this program will certainly do so. First off, I think its very important to make everyone aware of the program. I also think its necessary that students take charge and pass on the word – I think it will be the most effective approach. Posters and signs around campus along with emails and such would be a great start. I really like the idea of making a website linked through Clemson with all kinds of things from exercise & health advice/tips to ways to keep our environment safe – something like a virtual magazine. It would also be valuable to include things like nutrition and environmental facts that are often ignored or missed to open more eyes to the importance of a healthy lifestyle in many ways. So far, our group has worked very well together. We communicate well and have each shared our ideas and will soon choose a specific direction for the project. I am excited to be a part of implementing this plan. The only thing I’m a little unsure of is the criteria of the project…are we just choosing a direction to take the Healthy Campus Initiative (like creating a website) and creating objectives and a plan?